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The correct spelling of the contraction of the words "it" and "would".
Some people make the mistake of placing the apostrophe in between the "T" and the "W". Those who make such mistakes are clearly imbeciles.

Imbecile: "LOLOLOL!!1!1 i no how 2 spell!! t'would t'would t'would!!11!"
Intelligent person: " 'Twould be nice if you were to jump in front of a train and die."
by Q_Man April 24, 2006
having triple the size of a boulder(big butt)
yo reed got a twould
by twouldie March 22, 2011
A contraction of either "It would" or "That would". Used to shorten a sentence down in an easy to understand manner. Emulates Olde-English without accurately being such.

(You would use "t'was" or "'twas". People more commonly spell the word "t'was" as "'twas", but it is more accurate to say t'was according to the rules of contraction in English grammar.)
James: Wanna go hang out at the mall next week?

Jill: T'would be cool. T'would be nice if you'd give me a call later this week to remind me though!

James: Would it? T'would be very difficult, since I don't have your number!
by David Bradbury July 25, 2006
a contraction of "it would"
That would utterly own!

Twould indeed!
by RoboSpy March 12, 2004
hybrid of it and would
"t'would be good"
by hazrat3 June 02, 2009
The wrong spelling of t'would.

T'would is a contraction for "it would."
T'would be awesome if people could spell t'would correctly (aka not 'twould).
by fofinafab April 01, 2006
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