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Quick way of saying "It's all good".
1: What's happenin' man?
2: s'all good.
by Xavier-Marxel February 02, 2010
it's all good.

apology accepted.
Buxom Wench: I'm sorry my bikini came undone
You: 'Sall good!
by DrPepper June 17, 2004
Used in place of 'it's all good'. Mostly used when people are too lazy to type 'it's all good'.

Could also be spelled as sallgood.
Bob: Yo, Mike, are you down with that?
Mike: Yeah man, sall good.
by palindromicanna November 29, 2007
An short-term of the saying 'Its all good'
David: He had sex with your mother?? beat him!!
John: Sallgood
David: WTF?
by Nigbeater April 24, 2005