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Short for shuttlecock, another name for a badminton birdie.
Mark: "So how did last night's badminton game go? Looks like you got a fat lip there."
Jim: "Yeah Steve owned me pretty badly. He whacks the old 'cock around pretty good. Once I totally set him up by lobbing it to him right in front of the net. He slammed it straight into my face and I had no time to react..."
(Jim's mom walks in)
"...and I ended up with his 'cock in my mouth!"
Jim's mom: "Well I never! Get out of this house this instant! I will tolerate none of that kind of behavior. You're not welcome home anymore!"
by Nick D June 27, 2008
37 13
The male reproductive organ. Used as a secondairy brain at times.
Before I stuck my rough, bent-up COCK into her vagina, I was certain that I would hit her G-spot on every thrust.
by MrRoughBentUp July 25, 2003
15234 3762
(1) the best goddamn thing in the word. If I could, I'd ride one all day long.
Cocks feel so great in my pussy
by glamour gurl April 15, 2005
13364 5054
1. A rooster living on a farm, or anywhere.
2. another word for penis
1. Sam, look at that red cock!
1. Sam, look at that enormous cock!
by Ness September 12, 2004
7645 3136
a large animal which inhabits mens pants sometimes hairy with one eye.
cricky... look at that cock
by T-shizzle December 20, 2003
6097 3255
George W. Bush, also see bush, village idiot, and alcoholic
That cock just declared war on canada.
by CaptainAnarchy December 14, 2003
5755 4277
A rooster.
My rooster is 7 inches long.
by Jeydehn November 27, 2004
3107 1810
The pussy's bestfriend.
When the pussy fell on the puddle, the cock started laughin becuase the cock is happy when the pussy is wet.
by Mary Juana November 30, 2005
2478 1189