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The term used to describe engaging in extreem or exciting activity, with no doubt or fear of failure. Often used shortly before a wicked night out on the town!
Heading into the club, expecting to have a wicked night... "Let's 'av it!"

Driving on the motorway in the rain at 90mph, hitting a large puddle causing the car to coast towards the central reservation and back again, recovering and keeping going... "That's 'aving it!"
by Michael February 28, 2005
The word - 'Avit' can be used in many ways, the main way is to celebrate a victory or small achivement.
by Dave! January 19, 2005
Short for 'ave it, which means having an excellent time, be it at a party, a festival, a night out or just in the company of people you know . Most effective when in the presence of one's friends.
"Tote, what are you doing?"
"I'm avin it!!!"

"You avin that?!"

"Av some!!!"
by Mikey Pin July 28, 2004
Avit (v) - to whimper (usually from the sidelines for attention).

Taken from 'have it boy' when throwing a dog a bone.
'He just sat there avitting until he got noticed'
Avit (v) - to whimper from the sidelines
Who is that Avit trying to join in, sad twat
by Betty Swolloks July 05, 2008