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'Tisn't - The smooth, hairless seam on the scrotum that divides the testicles from each other.

See: taint.
"Daddy, what's this line on my scrotum?"
"Why, that's where Da Lawd done sewed up yo' nutsack after he inserted yo' balls.
'Tisn't yo' left nut and 'tisn't yo' right."
by SJ@24 July 29, 2009
5 3
A three-way contraction combining the words "it" "is" and "not".
mother: that's it, you're grounded for painting the dog purple!

kid: tisn't MY doing! My sister did it!
by GalaxyDancer April 17, 2005
38 5
That Is Simply Not True
Bush said Saddam Hussein was seeking Uranium from Niger, but TISNT.
by Frosty J Hammer January 20, 2004
27 15
The contraction of It is not.
You're team suck's!
'Tisn't true!
by gogl August 17, 2008
2 2
The small stretch of skin on a males genitalia between the ball sack and the asshole. It isn't (tisnt) part of the sack and it isn't (tisnt) part of the asshole.
My tisnt is itchy.

I have an itchy tisnt.

His head is so far up his boss' ass that he has split his tisnt.

Hey baby, lets try something freaky...lick my tisnt bitch.
by Ben Xx December 20, 2005
14 30
none exsistant tits
i need to by some padded bras. just look at my tisn'ts
by supermolo March 10, 2005
7 23
It isn't your ballsack and it isn't your bumhole. It's the area in between.

- see taint
Yeah, I have a 3-inch tisn't.
by FrioLoco November 13, 2004
8 27