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When guys blatantly act out of character for the sole sake of impressing, swooning, and scoring brownie points with the female population...

...only to reveal their true colours within a few Facebook comments, Facebook posts, or within a few minutes...

...even though the females are too busy wiping up the moisture between their legs to notice that their knight in shining armour aka Prince Valiant Cassanova is just a fraud who is trying to get into their panties using techniques that are not respected or sanctioned by the "Guy Code."

These posts are usually PAINFULLY OBVIOUS to ANY GUY reading, but they seem to slip right below women's radars.... and into their panties.
Did you see the way those chicks were all swooning over that asshole's Facebook status even though he was just 'Begging Wife Indirectly'?

No matter how much of an asshole he has proved himself to be, all he had to type was, "Every woman deserves a man who makes her forget that her heart was ever broken," and them dumb brawds came running.

The game's changing... for the worse.
by P33V3D January 08, 2012
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