A WAY overused variation of the ampersand. Un-original, ugly and pointless.
me && him r liek bf;;s! ;;<333333333
by P. Sue Doe Nym August 28, 2009
A failed attempt at being trendy, usually found on myspace or facebook. Also known as a typographical stutter.

Pronounced "and-and."
"...&& then he said -"
"wtf? Did you stutter?"
by TahTheTrickster February 20, 2010
An arbitrarily common slang term for 'and' on the internet. In no way should this be used, but teenage girls use it frequently across various social networking websites.

Its origins are unknown, however a consideration is that it comes from different programming languages, in which to make a shortened 'and' checker.
"OMG i tottallyyy wanna hang ouuuutttt && go to the malllll!!!!!!!!"

"if place_meeting(x,y+1,oWall) && !place_meeting(x,y-1,oWall)

{ x -= 3; }"
by arthrax April 16, 2010
A very trendy saying used on myspace, aim, pretty much everywhere on the internet, and in public.
Used in quotes a lot, and at the end of sentences.
I &hearts; you && wanna be with you foreverr<3
by Paulll(: April 05, 2008
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