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A black man's shoes.

6 of 10 Nigga Moments involve shoes.
50% of those shoes are Nikes.
"Step some $150 land mines, and BOOM! A perfectly rational black man can explode."
by gumblebee November 25, 2005
A new tennis shoe, 50% of which are Nike. They are like landmines because if someone steps on them, a perfectly rational black man is going to explode.
See the boondocks.

Tennis shoes are like $150 land mine, step one one and someone bout to explode!
by Jake McLeod September 26, 2006
They are Shoes. Mainly Jordans, Nike and Timberland --Shoes that Niggas get--
damn yo. i got me some 150 jordans...for no damn reason. yeah yeah i know my kids aint ganna be eatin for the next 2 weeks but fuck em, nigga i had to get them jordans. now i'm finna go to the club tonight and I-WISH-A-NIGGA-WOULD step on my jordans($150 landmine) its ganna be on in this motha fucka
by PhillipJennings July 01, 2006