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#youtubefail is the topic spammed by thousands of fans of ownagepranks on Twitter in an attempt to remove the unfair ban of his youtube account.

With one phrase, the fans had the power to rule Twitter.

#youtubefail became the number one trending topic in a matter of minutes, even soulja boy took notice. The next day it was featured in an article on pausestoprewind.com

#youtubefail was undoubtedly noticed, read, then spammed by millions.

August 20, 2009.

The day OP'ers ruled twitter.
"hi @OwnagePranks I HATE @youtube for wrongfully banning ownagepranks's account #youtubefail"
"yep..this is the one time it's cool to use Twitter."
by AnarchYOwnz August 21, 2009

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