#1 is urine, #2 is poo, #3 is The Third Great Detritus Export, aka Puke. Also referred to as a Third.
Mike, just to warn ya, if she drinks more than 7 beers, she's gonna #3 on your shoes.

"Drink a Fifth, do a Third."
by Fauntleroy May 10, 2007
a # 3 is when a faggot diarrheas jizz out his dick taker
I heard when a faggot gets cum up his butt he takes a wicked #3
by Sandwiches McSandwich March 16, 2009
To touch yourself in your naughties for pleasure.
I don't want anybody else, when I think about you I #3 myself.
by Jackie and Christa November 22, 2003
A sexually unattractive female of Indian origin.

To be considered a "#3" you must:

1) Have at least 5 inches of hair attached to the crouch area
2) Enjoy spreading your legs on couches for all to see
3) Have been downloaded at least once by Chirag
4) Be the ugliest son-of-a-mother-barbers-ass-sweat-comb
"Daaaammmmnnnn, that ugly bitch got a forest down there!"
"Yo guuuyyy, thats #3 yo!"
by Kevinsim95 October 04, 2004

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