Used to describe the excessive length of an abnormal bitches nipples. Often resembling that of a #2 pencil eraser.
I was all bout to get up in that ho, and then I saw them #2's. Told that ho to put that top back on, and I is out to find some normal titties.
by B. _____ Shulla April 01, 2006
Top Definition
also known as number two

means taking a shit or scat, droppin' bombs (not in the George W. Bush sense of the word).

note: See the first Austin Powers movie for a funny joke about #2. When Austin is fighting an agent on the toilet, he says "Who does #2 work for?" The character (played by Tom Arnold), in the next stall, says (paraphrase) "Way to go! You tell em' who's the boss"

cf. #1 or number one
Joe: I gotta go to the can
Jill: #1?
Joe: Nah, #2 baby!
Jill: Sweet! do ya wanna make some scat?
by fifteen minutes September 08, 2004
1 - A pencil.

2 - A massive dragoon shit.

3 - Second in command on a small vessel.

4 - Being the shit
1) Sean: Yo let me get that #2? My point broke off..aaagain.
Stacy: Just fucking keep it.

2) I got a #2 brewing that could choke a donkey.

3) He ain't a boat captain. He's just the #2.

4) Just call Sean O. #2, cause he's the shit.
by GoatGod1183 July 04, 2014
1. when one has to take a crap/shit/dump
2.waste that you let out while on the toilet, usually brown, green, or yellow.
3.can be a hard or running excretion from the anal.
Kelly: Lucy will you wait for me while I go to the restroom?
Lucy: Yes, but what do you have to do?
Kelly: I have to do #2.
Lucy: Eww. Use some air freshner cuz I don't want to smell that.
by Mechele November 12, 2007
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