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A person who crave for "like"s in Facebook. (S)he even "like"s everythig he/she post in his/her wall. probably a person who constantly seeks approval but never really gets it.
Might be a failed celebrity or sumthin
Tara: (posted picture on facebook)

like it pls pls.....:* mwuah
Bob: "like" whore!
Tara: take it back or i'll delete u
Dylan: Tara is a like whore!
Tara: !@#$

Sara: Ang taong nagmamahal, nasasaktan...... pa-like powh pls pls..
Bong: like-wh*re!
Sara: salamat sa like @bong! anu ung wh*re?
by titinimikeshinoda May 25, 2011
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