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When a person handles him/her self in a situation with an intolerable arrogance and/or their narcissism blinds them beyond measure. The only way to deal with a person who commits a "D" move/ says a "D" thing is to:
A. Sit them down and give them a reality check
B. Ostracize person from the group until they get the picture to leave
C. Get Blackout and make fun of them incessantly.
K: Hey T, I just went up to your friend that I've met several times before and asked how she was, she responded by turning around and walking away.

T: Yeah...such a "D" move

T: So what do you think of my friends over there?
Piggy: Im way too hot for all them
T: HA thats a joke right?

Piggy: No, like OMG everyone wants me
T: (what a "D" thing to say)
by The Cribmaster G June 22, 2010
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