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When you do anything, ANYTHING stupid at all. "YOU HAVE BUSTED A TAVO!!!"
1.Get your Macbook drunk. (aka spill sunny delight screwdriver on ur Macbook keyboard and get it DRUNK FORVER).
2.Fly off the freeway.
3.Hit and run.
4.Crash into your GF's House's Fence break it, while her parents are home.
5.Talk directly into the webcam thinking the recipient will hear you better.
6.Wear an "I Love New York" T-Shirt even though you've never been there.
7. Try to open an Alize Bottle, but instead of pulling Cork (aka quark) out, YOU PUSH IT IN THE BOTTLE!
8.And More Random Shit.
If any of these apply to you, you've just "Busted a Tavo".
by infamousguy6 November 15, 2007
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