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Prior to ejaculation, the abe lincolnist spits on his partners back to mislead him/her into thinking that the act of releasing sperm has occured. BUT when the abe lincolnee turns around, he/she is met with a conscious-terminating punch in the face. The abe lincolnist, penis in hand, truly finishes the act on the victim's face. The sperm is then polished erotically over the lower part of the face. The hair of the dupe is then viciously chopped off and smeared onto the sperm skin to create the Abe Lincoln sex beard. (Hat is optional)
"Hey Mary whatcha doin with an "Abe Lincoln" on?! Its 4 oclock in the day and we're in church!"

"Ow Darn Chuck just abe lincolned me again last night!"
by Kauf Orchard September 28, 2007
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