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The best synonym for the word: "skillz". Used when more variety of language is required to differentiate between different levels of "skill" and/or "skillz".

Can also be used as a permanent replacement for the word "skillz" but is unlikely due to the formers ease of use. Only commonly used in extreme circumstances (where the skillz threshold is constantly growing -street football/basketball game, flatland BMX, dance-offs, Pro Sup-Air paintball games etc.)
Where the level of skillz increases:

Person 1 does a 1-handed 360 drop-off off a 6' high quarter pipe. Requires use of "SKILLZ!" / "I got mad biking skillz".

Person 2 does a 1 handed nosepick drop-off off a 999' high spike and lands stylishly -blindfolded nearly impossible. Requires use of "Mastafullness!" ; / "I got mad bike mastafullness".
by Roger Yuuuu November 10, 2007

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