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A short italian man, with a hairy chest , about 5'6, straight edge..xxx for lyfe; shows his love for the ladies by hooking up with every one he meets. Usually getting with people that are best friends with each other. If you know Joe Fasano, most likely you have hooked up with him, even if you are a d00d ;). He thinks he's hot shit cause he is in 5 bands and likes to destroy peoples houses...BUT...in reality, he is really going to just grow up to be a 40 year old virgin...NAAAAT.he broke edge awhile ago..so he should get his tattoo removed. Don't have sex with him, you could get pregnant and die. If you are a boy, don't let him near your dick. Could turn out bad. Also don't hook up with him if he ever has a girlfriend again..you will be the next home wrecker for some little innocent girl...to conclude..hes the biggest manwhore i know!
staightedge69 : Heyyyy girl!
tums x smut: whats up!
staightedge69: nothin...thinking about hanging out with Joe Fasano tonight
tums x smut: oh girl..you know what that means...INTERCOURSE!