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Stone-faced third-base coach for the Toronto Blue Jays. Became an official Blue Jay on June 3, 2002. Became an official douche-bag on June 6, 1965. He is known for his poor sign-giving and blank-slate expressions. He has even become the focus of the Orioles founded "Baseline Butterfield Bashers." These miscreant members of this notorious club have been traveling around to games and sitting in Section 58 (third-base line) of any stadium hosting the Blue Jays and lambasting Brian Butterfield. Butterfield has yet to comment on this.
(Example 1)
Buck Martinez: Oh, man, those Baseline Butterfield Bashers are really giving it to Butterfield down there.

Jim Palmer: Yeah. Brian Butterfield is the Blue Jays third-base coach and an embarrassment to the game. I once coached third-base for the Blue Jays, while mastering Krav Maga and Football.

(Example 2)
Brian Butterfield: ...
by Phantom Gosu April 30, 2007

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