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An instance or strategy where you highlight your own faults and/or blunders, before an enemy or nemesis has an opportunity to use it against you...That would be called "8-miling" yourself.
There was a classic scene in the movie "8 mile" where rapper, Eminem, is preparing to battle-rap his opponent. Eminem went first and rapped about all of his own faults that his opponent would've used against him...leaving the opponent speechless.

Mike and Gary are having a classing "beef" session where they highlight each other's faults in a joking matter...

Mike: Son, you are the wackest dude ever...look at your damn shirt...why is it that tight. I know my shirt is tight as well, and my sneakers are dirty...but your shirt is extra-tight...

Gary: Damn...good job 8 miling yourself...I was just about to joke your crusty ass sneakers...good one!
by damadalpha January 30, 2009

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