Soya bean curd. A commonly used nickname. Soya bean curd.
My friend is very pale so we call her Tofu

The vegetarian was hungry so he ate some tofu.
by unicownrainbow September 15, 2012
Gelatinous, pretty much flavorless hunks of bean curd. Good addition of (some, but not all kinds of) protien to a vegetarian diet, and it can be flavored pretty easily.
Ever since I became vegetarian, I started eating more (free range) eggs, nuts, mushrooms (heh), and tofu!
by Mike December 29, 2003
Acronym standing for Totally Obnoxious Foodie Urbanite
"FU to you too TOFU," I said to the guy giving me a hard time about the menu.
by jrcdmc June 19, 2011
A person with a personality that changes based on the other people they are with at that specific time. The "tofu" person has a generally bland personality when alone. They seem to temporarily absorb the thoughts, actions, and believes of those they are with.
Stephanie- "Jon is so tofu. He is a total jerk when he is around Will, but he's so sweet when it's just him and me."
by euphorality December 12, 2013
'Tofu' as used to describe a person. Tofu is a bland and tasteless food item on its own. It is only when you add it to a dish full of meats and vegetables that it takes on the flavoring of all its around and becomes something.
Tony joined a gym and now he's all in the meathead scene. Total tofu
by Mr_Andy June 25, 2013
A mocking version of tOSU, a way to say the Ohio State University.
tOFU is going down tonight, Sparty's going to destroy them.
by BBO69 March 04, 2012
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