Totally dropping the ball. Not coming through on something.
When Mike didn't show up for practice, he totally shit the bed on the rest of the band members.
by Glen W. June 09, 2005
to embarrass oneself privately or solely in the company of close family/friends. This term is so named because defecating on one's bed is truly embarrassing but only for those who are witness to such an event, which is usually limited to the individual who shitted the bed or a few additional people. Either way, the embarrassment can be contained to a manageable degree.
Jeff: "Dude, I totally shit the bed last night"
Mike: "What did you do?"
Jeff: "Fell down the stairs while my family was watching TV"
Mike: "That's not bad, at least you didn't shit the pool"
by Deshawn2Chainz July 26, 2013
1. When you do cost your team a match in any game.

2. When you have a high dollar object that you cant use because of a cheaper part when compared to the whole object.
Rolli went 1-8 on Warhawk?
Yeah, he really shit the bed.

I have a $3,500 computer in my basement but I can't use it because the case broke.
Well, you shit the bed.
by Deodorizer July 05, 2014
1, To express being shocked or amazed by something.

2. What you would say to a work colleague who arrives much too
early for work in the morning.
1, "I couldn't believe it, I totally shit the bed"

2. "What are you doing here so early? Did you shit the bed or something?!"
by Alfow February 03, 2009
Pretty English I guess, an expression of complete suprise, or utter contempt at something that has passed. Similar to 'Christ on a bike', depending on the religious persuasions of assembled company.
Ie. When breaking a glass full of vodka: 'Shit the bed!'

Or: So and so slept with that tramp last night!

by munchkim July 15, 2009
1. A phrase that has become synonymous with "pro" poker player and pseudo-baller Micon on his very own poker forum, NWP.

2. To make unsound business decisions, squander your funds and the funds of others, and generally fuck up your life at every turn. (See previous definition as prime example.)
Damn....Micon done shit the bed again??!!!
by micon's ego August 08, 2008
A form of exclamation expressing annoyance or surprise.

To cry out suddenly in pleasure or pain.

"Shit the bed, we've been burgled!"

"Shit the bed, that feels good!"

"Shit the bed, I have a terrible hangover"
by Phil1974 December 19, 2006

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