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1. When you do cost your team a match in any game.

2. When you have a high dollar object that you cant use because of a cheaper part when compared to the whole object.
Rolli went 1-8 on Warhawk?
Yeah, he really shit the bed.

I have a $3,500 computer in my basement but I can't use it because the case broke.
Well, you shit the bed.
by Deodorizer July 05, 2014
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Meaning to die or not do well at all. Stems from the fact that when someone dies or is very sick they will lose rectal sphincter tone and quite literally shit, on the bed.
My truck was working fine yesterday but it shit the bed last night.
by N.jackass March 07, 2014
1 1
-1) Broke, broken, busted, smashed, damaged, destroyed, crushed, non functioning, ruined, shattered, demolished, defective.

-2) When something no longer works.
~ "Amber was trying to masturbate last night, when her dildo shit the bed. So she called me, and asked if I would help her out."

~ "My car shit the bed after only 10,000 miles!"

~ "My phone shit the bed when I jumped in the water!"
by RJames1185 May 11, 2010
17 20
1. When someone screws up beyond normal standards.

2. Someone makes themselves look like a douche-fag. To the point when you laugh your ass off.

3. When Evgeni Nabokov lets Johen Franzen score 4 goals in one period. Priceless.
"Did you see the wings games last night?!"
"No, what happened?!"

"Nabokov shit the bed, it was hilarious!"
by Drizzy Drake 19 May 07, 2010
8 11
1, To express being shocked or amazed by something.

2. What you would say to a work colleague who arrives much too
early for work in the morning.
1, "I couldn't believe it, I totally shit the bed"

2. "What are you doing here so early? Did you shit the bed or something?!"
by Alfow February 03, 2009
16 21
When you do something that, in the moment, you think is great, but you later realize that it was a horrible idea.
You - Remember that bitch we were talking about a couple weeks ago?
Friend - Yeah, why?
You - Well, I got drunk and thought it was a good idea to ask her out...
Friend - You're screwed.
You - Yep... I just shit the bed...
by Diane O. Saure October 23, 2013
1 7
One of the biggest and best club nights in the UK based in Bristol. The name comes from the phrase "shit the bed" being used as an exclamation of surprise and excitement.
"Shit the Bed! - That bass drop was f*cking amazing!!!"

"Shit the Bed! - have you seen this amazing DJ lineup?"
by arsequake January 15, 2010
6 12