driving under restraint
driving under restriction
driving under revocation

When listed as a traffic offense this can be a number of license related issues...depending on the state.
Tom will be appearing in traffic court today for dur.
by stewent May 14, 2009
this means ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. This is a form of substituting a word so others do not know what you are talking about or you just want to have fun and be stupid and just say it
Russell: "yo dur, you dur with dur later"
Kevin: "yo know it dur, did you hear about dur? he got dur so badly last dur"
Russell: "dur! is he dur?"
Kevin: "yea he's dur, but i dont think his girlfriend would dur him for a while."
by the dur hur May 09, 2010
another way of saying "there".

in particular, used in part of a greeting.
Hi how you dur ?

Good, how YOU dur ?
by Dirty Dirty 123 October 25, 2009
Modified (punk) version of "duh," use to make fun of retarded people.
Dur, of course I hate her, she's ugly
by Reioa November 23, 2003
short for there
I'm going out dur later
by angelndisguise August 08, 2008
Dur, or dúr, is an Irish word used to describe a person who is incredibly stupid, slow or boring.
It can also be used to describe an action.
She's very dúr-looking.

That was a bit dúr of him.

You are so dúr.
by Orlaith May 17, 2005
A nickname for a BF, given to him by his GF who thinks that he is sometimes dumb.

also could be given because he is cute in a way of being dur.
Girl "Hey durs, i love you."
by Durs July 23, 2008
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