Similar to agreement.
We all came to an agreeance at the meeting.
#agree #agreement #concur #decided #decision
by anonymous person 2007 February 01, 2007
Fred Durst sucks dick
Yeah, I'm in agreeance with the person above me.
by Microphone "ceydn" Joe March 21, 2003
is this REALLY a word??? if it is, please tell me where i can find it!!!
i'm not sure if i should be in agreeance with others that this is an actual word...
by Guen April 25, 2003
Durst is definitely a putz.
We are in agreeance that Durst is a douche bag.
by Buck September 23, 2003
Agreeance was a word but has not been used as word since the 1700's. Used as slang in Australia today. Doubt Fred was in Sydney long enough to pick up the slang. This proves that stupid ass trendy leftwing Durst made up a word in front of millions of people.
Just because Agreeance is in Oxford Dictionary does not make it a word. This Dictionary does not drop words once they are out of circulation like many more credible dictionaries do. I read alot. Trust me.
by Benji June 25, 2003
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