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Acronym for First Lady I'd Rather Get Elected.
Hillary is such a flirge.
by istolethisfromreddit September 14, 2008
First Lady I'd Rather Get Elected. Term first used on SNL skit spoofing Gov Sara Palin and Hillary Clinton played by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, respectively. Hillary Clinton asks people to stop calling her a flirge and Palin asks not to be called a MILF.
In some people's opinion, Hillary Clinton is a flirge. Sarah Palin, on the otherhand, is a MILF
by knottysailorboy September 14, 2008
First Lady I Rather Get Elected. (than have sex with)
Hillary Clinton is a total FLIRGE, Sarah Palin is a MILF!
by Shoegal175 September 14, 2008
Stands for "First Lady I'd Rather Get Elected (than have sex with.)
Can all be phrased as : First Lady? I'd Rather Get Elected
If Palin is a MILF, then Hillary is def a FLIRGE.
by valleycat September 15, 2008
First Lady I'd Rather Get Elected (than have sex with). A play on the more popular MILF.
Hillary Clinton is the prototypical flirge.
by HilarityClinton September 15, 2008
FLIRGE (n): First Lady I'd Rather Get Elected (than have sex with)

It is used in SNL skit of Hillary Clinton & Sarah Palin....The real meaning.
Hillary Clinton is a FLIRGE
by Alexadj92 September 14, 2008
first lady I’d rather get elected (than have sex with), commonly used with milf
hillary clinton is a flirge!!1!
by cerebralischemia October 12, 2008