doughnut dip't penise is when a gurl eats a doughnut off your penise
i so gave that bitch a DDP last night
by Q/tip October 12, 2009
An acronym for Double Dentry Penetration. First used by Jackson Davey, this term means that the Dentry twins (identical twins) penetrate you both at once. This may sound like incest but the idea is not to let them touch. DDP is not restricted to just penises either, hands or other objects may be used in DDP (and it can be performed on both females and males). The hotmail used by them Twinentry@hotmail.com makes the term even funnier because it reads "Twin Entry".
"Got DDP?"
"Man i'm up for some DDP right about now"
"Thanks boys i had good DDP last night"
"I wish they would DDP me!"
"When i had DDP i couldn't tell which one is which"
by Jackson Davey October 23, 2006
Double Doughnut Penetration : when a guy sticks his penis through a couple of doughnuts
fraser: hey mate hear lee did a DDP last night
scott: aw what a piece of jakie scum
by Madscotsman January 13, 2010
Double Dick Penetration - When you and another guy dip your wick into the same hole or person
Hey let's go over to Shelly's house and get DDP her!
by Skawt August 21, 2006
Acronym for Dome Dome Piece aka beezy gets on her knees and sucks your schvanstenstuker.
nigga 1 - yo I'm coppin dat ddp from dis beezy toNIGHT!

nigga 2 - yo ddp cove?

nigga 1 - u know it dawwg!!
by J^Murda September 12, 2007
a Dirty Dirty Punk. someone who wears apple clothing from forever 21, vans, chuck taylors, a ridic amount of bracelets (usually plastic), black nail polish, has side swept bangs, two-toned/dyed black/dark brown hair, likes screamy music, wants to slit their wrists, photoshops their myspace pictures (every single one of them)(cause they definately have a myspace).
kt pruz summer 06 was the biggest DDP ever.
by 2hot2spot June 20, 2006
DDP stands for Dirty Dirty Pirate.
The person named JoeDawson is a DDP, sir.
by Daniel March 05, 2005
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