Slang for 'penis'
Bill: so how was Stacie last night?
Joe: great, but now my wog is all sore.
by john94xc March 19, 2009
1. Verb. To Wog

Can be used in the place of pretty much anything


2. Adjetive. Wog

Something can be wogtastic, this means its AMAZING, or just something really fly that a black person might wear. Simmilar to "blackalicious".
1. Jimmy: "What you doing tonite?"
Chaz: "Ahhhh, just wogging bout i suppose"


2. Jimmy: "Nice new top mate"
Chaz: "Aint it, its baaaaare Wogtastic"
by Coombs June 01, 2007
1.(n) one who is or is ascociated with any of which who are or have to do with LE PETIT MONSTRE!!!!!

2.(v) to exert any amount of force upon the matter of any current or impending doom factors...?

3.(adj) one who is of or ascociated with MONSTRE!!!
1. assasin-we must dispatch those wogs who're guarding monstre!

2. T-rexatron- that ninja's copy jutsu tried to copy my wog magick, but it FAILED!!!

3. Turtle- Bauley you are so WOG!!!
Bauley- WAUUU!!!
by Cove Reber . July 10, 2008
Individuals from mediteranean backrounds (Western Oriental) who despite all efforts, refuse to assimilate into the country of residence. They continue to speak their languages, oppose establish customs and do not associate with other cultures except to harass them. Commonly seen hanging out the front of "Seven Eleven" in groups of ten around a VL Commodore
Oh mah god, you lehh!! Let's all go to the club tonight man and pick up some sluts man! We can gang rape them while we're at it!
by pedders October 31, 2004
Actually, should be 'WOGS'
In the port of Alexandria during WWII, in order to allow locals who had been cleared by security to work in the port, they were issued with 'nightshirts' to wear with the initials W.O.G.S. stencilled on the back, standing for : Workers On Government Service.
by Harry November 28, 2003
Worthy Oriental Gentleman
All Personel, South East Asia Theater of War:

Upon receipt and thereafter, you will cease refering to our allies as slopes, gooks, slants and yellow bastards and afford them the respect due to the worthy oriental gentlemen that they are.
Viscount Robert Mountbatten
Commanding General South East Asia
by J E Walker May 02, 2003
A person who is sarcastically referred to as a "Worthy Oriental Gentleman"
Look at that bastard wog i could blindfold him with dental floss.
by Johansonnn December 21, 2005
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