A viral illness of the flu or upper respiratory tract infection.
My nose is running like a tap, I must be coming down with a ***wog***.
by bionicanaconda May 31, 2009
A form of exercise that combines walking and jogging into one workout at a moderate pace. Often exaggerated as running or downplayed as walking.
it's time to go wog my dog.
by MeidaWin June 25, 2014
Contrary to the racial term, the verb "to wog" means "to bite the foreskin of ones penis." "Woggers" are people who wog, and they live in "Woggens".
Man, that wogger wogged the shit out of me last night, but he let me stay in his woggen last night, so it's cool.
by jaypayjr September 28, 2011
WOG, "Working On Government" wages, derived from the British acronym stenciled on shirts of laborers assigned to government projects. These laborers were often migrants, and as such the term has now become synonymous with the newly emigrated. Unfortunately, these migrants are frequently under attack for "stealing Aussie jobs", which is highly ironic given that the only "true" Aussies are the indigenous population, Aboriginals.
"That WOG, who's being paid $5 an hour to wash dishes for 12 hours straight and be treated like shit, is stealing Aussie jobs!"
by Kleerly November 28, 2009
As a verb, to steal.
That pikey cunt wogged my Focus and ram-wogged Dixons in it. I've told the insurers it's had the dick due to an act of wog.
by Lord Grimcock August 19, 2007
slang term directed at descendants of Jesus Christ and the original Roman bloodline, by barbarians and permanent non-Christians, or permanent genetic non-producers and non-citizens of Rome or the republic in general. Used by people not initially from society i.e. leech, fiend etc.
better crucify that wog, again and again.
by soarer111 October 01, 2015
Usually of Greek or Italian background. The best people in the world. They are the best at soccer and have the best food of all times. Wog fathers are over protective of their off-spring and go crazy when a child steps out of line. Mothers gossip about their cousins but love them heaps, very loud and love dancing. Grandparents are the bank of the entire family, grandmas cook the most amazing food and grandpas have the greatest gardens. Grandads are usually big drinkers of scotch and wine.
by sweg12 September 12, 2014
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