The middle of the work week, wednesday, or the beginning of the weekend, depending on your level of addiction to alcohol.
The day of the almighty hump day soiree
Man, Delta Chi had a kick ass hump day soiree last week!
by T*Dizzle fo' Rizzle March 09, 2005
Occurs on the fourth floor, north wing between 12pm and 1pm every Wednesday!
Jane and Ted love Hump Day!
by hot dog lovers November 22, 2007
a dedicated day of the week for having sex.
its wednesday night..hump know what that means ;)
by jonathon pipefitter July 26, 2006
A day for a good old fashioned dry hump. Lie on top of someone, anyone will do, and rub against them suggestively. Moan a lot. Make promises you don't mean. Lie. Do this in your office or in an elevator. What the hell. Then go and change your underwear.
I did the hump on hump day.
I humped old Humphrey on hump day.
Mike humped Louise about 30 years ago and always regretted it.
by Arlene Fester October 06, 2006
started out in Vienna, VA as a huka-chilled day after school consisting of 3-15 of your closest friends. It later progressed (or digressed, as some may say) into a day in which you toked up before, during, and after school..then later passed out after your family appeased your munchies with dinner. One must wear greend on hump day in roder to officially celebrate. This year 4-20 just happens to fall on a hump day. Happy humpin humpers..
huka hump day can be celebrated not only with the preferred reefer. Healthy substitutes such as alcohol may suffice
by Narc April 19, 2005

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