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streaks of water drops or ice particles falling out of a cloud and evaporating before reaching the ground.
looks like theres gonna be some virga comin' though.
by kayla virga August 20, 2008
The act of either orgasming due to the prediction of snow, or the act of achieving a large amount of snow in a short period of time.

Snow flurries may be called premature snowgasms.
1. Peter: are the weathermen still predicting snow?

Jamie: they are predicting a complete snowgasm
2. Dude did you look outside? Its a complete snowgasm.
by Diabolicus February 19, 2010
A unique snowflake that falls in and around the United Kingdom, particularly the south. In recent years, however, there have been sightings of this natural wonder in the North.
I just saw an Amris, must be my lucky day
by lou.chou May 26, 2010
Where someone doesn't have an umbrella or hood they think they can protect themselves by hunching their back/shoulders. Totally useless unless you only want a dry neck!
Bob: Look at that guy, whats he doing?

Keith: Thats the Rain Hunch but its does nothing to keep you dry!

Bob: What a knob!

Keit: LOL
by Sbean Shop August 17, 2010
The bipolar state. Known for extreme weather changes such as 80-something degrees one day snow the next.
"SNOW?! In the middle of SPRING?!"
"Well we ARE in Texas
by gerbilgirl December 14, 2010
making sure one has an adequate supply of food to get them through a snow storm.
Your friend says there is a snow storm headed their way and instead of saying "good luck getting through the storm," you say food luck.

Making sure they have enough food to get through the storm, like the essentials, milk, bread, and eggs.
by Dogs R Us January 09, 2011
The rare winter act where a severe snow storm becomes a "thundersnow." This involved a sever storm with thunder, lightning, rain and snow. It likely happens during a blizzard warning. Think apocalyptic. It is kinda like you are in a movie.
During the thundersnow, there are wind gusts up to 60 MPH and in Feb 2011 in Chicago they had 25 ft waves on Lake Michigan!
by jayhawkrules February 01, 2011
the most winning name on earth , used to describe a person that is amazing and Chuck Norris like.
josh Weatherford wins at life
by hoshua winns November 01, 2011
Another term for cold, windy, rainy or snowy. Napoleon. ie nippy.
Wear a coat it's Napoleon out.

It's what?

by Mr Agreeable November 05, 2011
Stands for "probability of precipitation" but easier to say
Hey it looks like it's gonna rain, but the weather forecaster dude said there's only 20 POPs today so probably not.
by MVPx4 October 11, 2012