Most Popular Weather Words

"nip"pyness; weather outside
Damn bitch, it's "chilly as tits" out here!
by KCOCK AND SAMLEW April 19, 2008
sometimes raining, sometimes very sun,

a comment by an Indonesian, concening a changing forecast weather
- So, Widhi, how's the weather in Bali?
- SRSVS, Sometimes raining, sometimes very sun
by helteo November 23, 2008
The massive snow storm that hit the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, specifcially Northern Virginia, D.C., Maryland, West Virgina and Pennslyvania.

The first wave hit Feb 6, Saturday Morning, dropping a record 32.4 inches at Dulles International Airport in a two day period. The second wave fell on Feb 9, Tuesday morning and brought another 10-20 inches to the effected areas.
Person 1- Remember when the Saints won Super Bowl 44?

Person 2- How could I forget, that was the weekend of SnOMFG 2010!
by resdog502 February 09, 2010
A phenomenon on the Mid-Atlantic seaboard and region that resembles a hurricane of snow (Nor-Easter) but is accompanied by thunder and lightening. Such an event does nothing but disable a region and cause extensive liver damage.
John Bolaris and Cecily Tynan both said we're all going to die because a thundersnowicane was going to cover us with 40 inches of snow and kill children with the fear of thunder - get beer, pills, and eggs and act like we are never going to work again. Then get more beer.
by hatemister February 23, 2010
When it's recently been raining but isn't anymore, but then you walk under some trees and water is still dripping off the leaves, perhaps leaving you thinking it's still raining.
I thought it had started raining again, but it was just treecipitation

It stopped raining so I changed into dry clothes, and then immediately was treecipitated on.
by blackjackdavy March 03, 2010
adjective; when it is so cold outside that you can't help but say "brrrr" as soon as you walk out of the door.
It's pretty berzy outside today.
by ebake731 November 22, 2010
When it is raining/thunderstorming/cold outside, the perfect time to lie in bed with someone all day
*Raining outside

Girl: It's sexy time weather!
by guerillagirl December 31, 2010
An Australian unit of measurment often used to describe extraordinary measures, particularly that of people and the weather. can be used as a noun, verb and adjective.
He ran like a bastard
It's blowing 40 bastards
It's a bastard of a day
by harro123 February 09, 2011
When a person prefers one season to the rest.
Dude you are so seasonist you whinge all winter that you wish it was summer!
by Ikkle Mini October 21, 2011
When its raining. Its not quite as bad as drizzling but its worse than spitting. Mizzling.
Hmm, its mizzling outside as the moment.
by lorna2408 December 27, 2011

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