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any weather that encourages the consumption of burgers. i.e., portland rain.
tim: "man, it sure is burger weather up in here..."

aidan: "i'm pretty sure there's a burgerville around the corner."
by the hamburger April 18, 2006
6 2
light showers often followed by heavy wind and leaves blowing in the distance and around you that occurs when you get on the courts, just before a showdown is about to take place.
1. You'll know it When you see it.

2. Oh shit, look at this Show-Down Weather, we gotta play a game of tennis right now.
by Seishun Gakuen October 04, 2008
5 0
winter- intimacy; the craving for a cozy monogamic relation due to bad weather. The feeling that most singles long for during winter.
A: Dude, the Summer of Love is over, I need some Wintimacy.

B: Wimp! Once the snow storm is over I´m gonna go have sex with 4 girls.
by Kolaric! October 08, 2008
5 1
To be frozen upon leaving Phyllis' house in winter
"i'm fucking frogalised in that weather"
by Nigel McA February 05, 2009
3 0
when a weather man/woman predicts large amounts of snowfall for any weekday, but the storm never happens. people typically bitch at each other during first-period the next morning
weather guy- "and on wednesday we're expecting 15 inches plus in your town"

Next day, no snow

Teacher- "well that was a snowday fuck-up if ever saw one"
by Planchet March 02, 2010
5 2
The act of working oneself into a tizzy over impending severe weather, as by a meteorologist.
The weatherman was exhausted after a weekend of intense forecasturbation.
by Snark Chariot January 20, 2011
14 2
What a moron calls a thunderstorm when the precipitation is frozen.

Only acceptable if you call thunder and lightning during a rain storm "Thunder Rain".
When confronted with lightning and a crack of thunder in a blizzard, the idiot meteorologist proclaimed "Oh my god! Thunder Snow! How very rare!"
by Dead_Cow February 08, 2011
10 8
The atmospheric condition in which sluts still go out to bars despite bad weather conditions with no regard to their own comfortability.
"Tom, did you see that lightning? I think some sleather is rolling in."

"Dude, the sleather is amazing tonight, we're going out no matter what."
by RyMan24 November 04, 2011
6 0
A Meteorologist whose predictions are always right.
"hey did u see the weather, the weather man predicted a month ago that it would snow today and it did"

"Yea that guy is a Weather God
by Demolition5 December 25, 2011
4 0
A weather condition consisting of drizzle, light rain or snow, amounting to minimal measurable precipitation accumulation in a 24 hour time period <.1".

Used primarily by those visiting Pittsburgh during traditional collegiate school sessions - September - May, as this is the predominant weather pattern for those months.
Joe: Hey Tim how's the weather today.
Tim: It's Pittsburghing.
Joe: I wish it would either rain or not, the constant Pittsburghing is dreary.
by fpb February 04, 2013
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