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trying to penetrate a male companion in the anus but missing and putting it in the penis hole
dude you meanweathered me last night. that really hurt. ouch.
by ajizzle fo shizzle February 28, 2009
a temporary weather condition where the temperature is unusually hot or unusually cold.
Colorado had a temp temp of 62 degrees on Christmas Eve but on Christmas Day, it was already back to normal.
by LaLaLander17 March 02, 2009
An adverb describing weather below freezing temperature, i.e. 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Inspired by the temperature gauge of many late model Suzuki cars, such as the SX4 crossover.
'Damn, its snowflake today. I can see my breath!'
'I'm taking off my coat, its totally not snowflake right now.'
by CaptainFunkADunk January 14, 2010
Commonly referred to by the layperson as "rain", dihydrogen monoxide, or "sky pee" as it known amongst meteorological spheres, is a substance that falls from the sky, nourishing planet Earth.

Found predominantly in lakes and the tears of dragons.
Man 1: How 'bout this weather?

Man 2: It's sky peein' cats and dogs.

Man 3: Mhmm.

Man 4: Sounds like a plan.
by madba January 15, 2011
When a snowstorm has a threeway with lightning and thunder. Just like any threeway, it feels unnatural and makes the dog hide.
Stephen Colbert told me what thundersnow was.
by z21 January 28, 2011
The art and science of safely maneuvering a motorized vehicle through excessive and dangerous wintry weather.
Her, "Gee, dude, I can't believe you got us home in one piece when all those all other cars were sliding off the road. I'm amazed how you deftly avoided that snowbank, eliminating the need for someone to rescue you from the car from the passenger side because the driver side was buried in snow."

Him" "Shaa! Ain't nuttin' but some badass snowdriving."
by Marge Inovera January 31, 2011
An overdose of wintery weather. Major signs of a snowverdose include cabin fever, grouchy behavior, and fighting among family members.
All these slick roads, lack of class cancellation, and ominous reports from the weatherman are likely to give me a snowverdose.
by mathcat February 08, 2011
Hard tit weather.
When one gets cold and their nipples perk up.
Yeah. This sure is some htw!
by katyiskillacool June 10, 2011
Rain. We here in Portland get so much rain that as long as it isn't pouring too heavily, it's as good as sunshine to us.
Non-Portlander: Oh no, it's raining!
Portlander: No, it's Portland Sunshine!
by itiscoming July 18, 2011
Females that will continue to dress like prostitutes, no matter how many degrees below zero the weather is.
Damn its cold, but it looks like nothing will stop those Frostitutes.
by definedbymax December 01, 2011