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A female who enjoys liberal arts and other left brained things, A Rainybo is prone to mood swings, tantrums and chocolate binges. Rainybos tend to prefer colder weather, and are at they’re happiest in autumn or winter.
"she's being such a Rainybo today"
"ever since she started that poetry class shes been acting like a Rainybo!"
by Rain Quinlan May 17, 2006
when the sky starts to make tornadoes
"its gonna start tornadoing today"
by jphipps December 25, 2008
A combination of snow and rain.
It was snaining out this morning.
by Thunderin_Herd99 March 31, 2009
Also Weath. The after effects of alcohol or drugs.
She had a lot to drink last night, she was weathered.
by Weathered, Weath May 23, 2009
Used When There Are Leaves Like Everwhere
Chelsi:"Its Leafing Like Crazy Today!"
Kärra:"Yeah Man Know, I Hate Leaves."
by ThatOneLeafingDeadChick July 07, 2009
(British colloquial slang)

(Pronounced as 'mother') Descriptive of heavy falling snow (though not nearly as severe as a blizzard).
"The snowfall was quite light ten minutes ago, but now it's really starting to puther".
by Splatharri March 29, 2010
A rainboo is essentially surprise rain, that creeps on you unaware.
I was walking through the park when I was struck by a rainboo
by Jimlar May 10, 2010
A phrase used to describe a snowstorm when Snowpocalypse and Snowmaggedon aren't sufficient. A Winteragnarok is often characterized by heavy amounts of ice hidden under several feet of snow.

Even Jesus Christ wouldn't try to drive in Winteragnarok.
Rufus, put the donkey back in the garage. There's no way we're going out in this Winteragnarok. The ressurrection can wait.
by Stranger-Danger February 01, 2011
depending on the temperature.
guy1 " hey are you going snowboarding today?"

guy2 " tempending"
by mramazingpants March 04, 2011
The time of year when, after spring has officially begun, there is still snow on the ground and occasional sub-zero temperatures.

(A play on "Indian summer," which is warm weather after the beginning of autumn.)
Spring began on March 20th, but there's a blizzard coming this weekend. It must be Indian winter.
by Indian weatherman March 31, 2011