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Most Popular Weather Words

A long, slow rain, like you find in Seattle and the pacific Northwest.
It don't rain hard here. It's always a fadrizzle.
by Fizzle Shizzle February 16, 2006
Turd Floater refers to a septic tank backing up into one's yard whenever there's a big rainfall and the ground is saturated.
It came a real turd floater last night and more rain is on the way.
by Michele Dorwin March 28, 2006
When you do everything sexual possible with a girl in one night.
Billy put the hurrican on lisa, now she cant walk straight.
by PL0W January 24, 2007
cold, cold, too cold for me
Man! The Weather is so Bouyack!
by sirmetro June 28, 2007
Someone you beat on a regular basis.
I'm gonna have to beat the weatherman.
by Sniffingmonster July 19, 2009
The bi-polar state where you'll go outside without a jacket one minute and the next minute you'll freeze your ass off.
Hey lets go outside and get a tan! Just kidding it started snowing. In Texas.
by texas=bi-polar February 11, 2010
(noun) - collapsable canopy that protects from the weather
Mike and Fran playing hangman:

Fran's stuck on an eight letter word, Mike starts offering hints: "It's got a crooked handle...before you use it you have to stretch it first...and it's something we can share."

Fran eons later: "That sounds so wrong...ohh..I've got it- umbrella"
by veritasaequitas November 01, 2010
The opposite of a heat wave. In the North when there is a cold snap it can fall far below zero degrees Fahrenheit and everything becomes very brittle and easy to snap or fracture, such as trees making cracking noises when they bend with the wind or your home's water pipes splitting.
Make sure you have some hats and blankets in your car in case you break down. We are going to have a huge cold snap this week.
by DuaneD January 24, 2011
That annual event in New England when the weather is so mild that, not only do you think of spring, you think it is around the corner. Usually followed by a foot of snow.
Olivia: OMG, Dad, it's SOOOO warm today...I think Spring is on it's way!

Dad: No, Munchie, it's the February Fakeout. Hand me the Ice Melt.
by Havana Julio February 17, 2011
A horrendous mixture of snow, Nor'easter, and hurricane all intended to scare the pants off of the East Coast of the United States.
Did you hear about how Snor'eastercane Sandy will destroy every building in Washington, DC?
by samteezy October 24, 2012