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another name for rain
the weather today is pretty crappy, the sky is jizzing like theres no tomorrow.

the football game was delayed because of sky jizz
by evlspcmk October 20, 2006
17 11
A day of unseasonably warm weather following a lengthy stretch of cold weather that causes women to overcompensate by wearing unusually revealing or form-fitting clothing, thus accentuating their breasts and allowing men to see them for the first time in weeks or months.
The first warm day of spring at my college campus was the biggest Titties Is Out Day of the year.
by DCDLM February 08, 2007
25 6
The scientific phenomena in which the snow always arrives last in the Augusta area. Also known as the Augusta hole.
It's been snow snowing for an nour in Bangor and there's already five ninches in Massachuzetts, but nothing in Augusta yet. Must be the dome effect again.
by weatherman570 February 01, 2008
16 7
A word derived from the combination of June and January. Used to describe shitty weather in June, because although it’s supposed to be getting close to summer, it still looks and feels like January outside.
"Im supposed to be enjoying my summer! Why the hell is it still raining and cold out?"
"Because its Juneuary."
by mercerdes June 13, 2008
21 4
A person giving accurate weather information based on the present weather conditions (rain, snow, sunny, etc.) To look out the window and nowcast the conditions.
A weatherman will forecast inaccurately. A Nowcaster gives accurate weather information.
by dyates May 06, 2009
25 9
When it rains so hard that the rain is bouncing off the sidewalk and potentially up a dog's ass.
Be sure to bring an umbrella, the weatherman said there's a 70% chance that it will be raining up a dog's ass by this evening.
by AtomicSquid February 02, 2010
29 6
similar to washing the dogs but a past tense verb as opposed to present tense one. when two or more realistically 1 testicle is attemped to be inserted into the anus of your sexual partner during sex. a seasonal persuit better performed in the summer as the sack has more stretch.
i attempted to perform scroggins on the lady last night but, its near impossible in an igloo.

the sun is shining and its very humid, this is good scroggins weather
by master master master May 05, 2010
15 10
Compulsively checking and knowing the weather of a person of interest. A type of stalking, but most commonly, online. Making random comments about a person's weather, who is often hundreds or thousands of miles away.
That guy is so creepy, he keeps weather stalking me! Every day, he knows what my weather and makes comments to me about it like "hope you bring an umbrella today".
by Vicent Romano August 20, 2010
21 5
A very disappointingly slushy or frozen solid layer of snow that sounds like a fun, exciting, and anxiously awaited snow day thanks to the weather report but turns to be very nothing like poofy white snow of the movies.
Reporter: "We're expecting six to ten inches of FUNTER STHNOW
Dude: The weather man forgot to mention this "Funter Snow" mean 'pure ice'!!!
by AlessandroTarzan January 28, 2011
11 2
A freak type of snow storm that is accompanied by startlingly loud-ass thunder and lightning even though no rain is present.

Although not common, the phenomenon typically happens in the winter months around the Great Lakes areas of the U.S. and Canada.
The Weather Channel reporter almost shit himself when he was reporting in Chicago during a super thundersnow storm!
by dookeyboy February 03, 2011
25 4

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