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a persistent annoyance to females, insists on pointing out haters and snitches, when he or she is actually a hater for pointing these out.

commonly considered a threat, when actually fights like a girl
he's laying weather on those kids
by shawn stone April 26, 2007
An overcast, possibly rainy day with temperature in the mid to high 50s, weather just bad enough to put your top up. Often found in the Northwestern region of the United States.
Chris walking in to his office and seeing the weather outside says "man, it looks snarfy out there"
by Ava b-24 May 02, 2007
Hard/Erect nipples caused by cold weather, particularly on Females.
Wow it's cold out, do I ever have a set of pingers.
by A. Jones December 09, 2007
the aroma in the air following precipitation (rain). Actually caused by
"actinomycetes", which are a type of bacteria that grows in soil when conditions are damp and warm. The bacteria is released when it rains causing the earthy scent.
I love going outside after it has just rained for the snurf.
Snurf in the countryside is very different to snurf in the city.
by _valmy November 13, 2008
a combination of hail and snow. looks like small balls of hail with a snow covering. similar to styrofoam pellets in appearance.
Dude, did you see that lastnight? It looked like hail and snow, i don't know. I think it snailed lastnight.
by kimpossi January 19, 2009
The best state in the country to live in if you want to avoid natural disasters and horrible weather. There are parts of the state where it doesn't go above 100 in the summer and it doesn't go below 20 in the winter. The only bad weather you have to worry about is a bad thunderstorm with strong wind. There are no earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes etc...
California has earthquakes. The midwest has floods and massive tornados. The southeastern states have hurricanes. The midwest, northwest, and northeastern states are below freezing all winter long. Many have summers with 75-90% muggy and oppressive humidity. Arizona has great weather all year round and is not prone to any type of natural disaster.
by AZ Native February 01, 2009
Past tense of "snow". Alternative to "snowed" and more accostically pleasing.
I can't belive it snoo yesterday!
by Ktwatt March 17, 2009
Unseasonably warm weather due to global warming
It's December 2nd and 68 degrees in New York. Looks like its going to be another Al Gore out there so leave your winter coats at home!
by ana__nicole December 04, 2009
N. lying, hypocritical toe rags.

are killing science by cutting off funds for everyone who disagrees with them
(November 2009(Cumbria floods))
climatologist: look at the weather in Cumbria, this is a prime example of the climate blah blah blah

(January 2010(snow))
human: look at all this snow, if the world is heating up so much, then how comes there is so much COLD snow

climatologist: ah, but you are confusing climate with weather.
by brrrrapppp January 13, 2010
A television news term that refers to when a television station or network hypes a meteorological event or uses general fear tactics to build an apocalyptic like panic among viewers; generally implying watching only them can protect you.
Holy shit, they keep cutting into my show! You'd think it was a god damned stormageddon
by DA_Hamilton January 31, 2011