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Most Popular Weather Words

Verb form of the noun lightning - the act of lightning occuring or being produced.
"It was thundering and lightninging outside, I got so scared that I peed the bed."
by benjamin hammond January 31, 2006
The state in which the outside temperature falls below negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit, usually with a windchill. It is when, regardless of previous sexual preference, one wishes to be fucked in the ass for no other reason than the warmth it would provide.

Rick "How cold was it when you took the dog out this morning?"

Yolanda "It was fuck me in the ass cold outside! Haven't you seen the weather Ricky?"
by Rick(y) February 17, 2007
Someone who only drinks when it is the cool thing to do. You can identify a fairweather by licking your finger and putting it in the air to check the weather.

"Hey Clay, stop being such a fairweather drinker and schwill a beer"
by Evan T September 26, 2007
it seattle snows almost every day here in during the winter, except the snow is not frozen, or fun to play in, and you cant sled on it...its rain
by TonkaTruck December 07, 2008
Combination of snow and drizzle
Hey everybody, look at the snizzle outside.
by thrashryd January 07, 2009
The glee felt by people in colder, snowy regions (i.e. Upstate New York,) when other (generally warmer,) areas get pounded with a violent snowstorm that misses the notoriously cold region.
While Upstate New York enjoyed unseasonably warm temperatures in January, Philadelphia had three feet of snow, sparking a feeling of wetterschadenfreude from Albany to Buffalo.
by medusasbedhead February 04, 2009
It's the seventh most cloudiest city in the US and the tenth rainiest city in the US.
Binghamton is cloudy about 212 days of the year and rains about 162 days of the year.
by lonelyblackwolf February 13, 2009
A man who reads the weather on the news, Usually a liar and never gets it right.
Weather man: Tonight, HEAVY SNOW! Schools maybe cancelled tomorrow
Dude: YES!
-Next day dude gets up, throws back the curtains-
Dude: Sun? SUN? AHHHHH!
by Shizzlefull. February 09, 2010
When the weather is shitty and unpredictable.
"I was going to go to the beach, but its Ohio-ing out"

"Cancel our vacation honey, the forecast says it will be Ohio-ing all week"
by LakSom May 12, 2010
When the weather changes every hour and just keeps getting worse.
If you want to see every type of weather in one day come to Norwich University and see what its like when its Norwiching out.
by buck private April 11, 2011