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Easternuswx is the worst weather board ever established. The administration is a bunch of elitist, full of themself dickheads who have no idea how to properly run a message board. Most of its members are douchebags and the majority of the moderators consist of inept, unqualified, lazy assholes. (Examples: Ian, isawitonline, but particularly Ian ) with a few exceptions such as stormtracker and Freakywxchick. All in all Easternuswx is qualified as the worst weather forum ever and people dread going there every day.

Did you hear about the moderators at Easternuswx, they are nazis!
by lalla August 25, 2006
1.n. To describe heavy rain or bad weather. Mainly used in NW England.
What's t'weather like there?
It's fuckin wangin it down!!
by northern-bird November 10, 2006
Geordie slang meaning freezing or very cold. Newcastle is cold. even in summer.
"ha'aways pet, it's starvation oot there!"
"i'm not going outside, it's starvation!"
by DGG November 14, 2006
When it's not quite snowing, yet not quite raining. It's pretty depressing as far as weather goes.
Nothing better than dirty slush on the side of the interstate. Why does it have to be slushing?! Why?!
by Ohioan December 10, 2006
Snowing and hailing - at the same time!
Guy 1: Hey, look! It's snowing!
Guy 2: What are you talking about? That's hail!
Guy 3: It's both - it's snailing!
by theGoblin March 19, 2007
A day of school cancelled due not to snow, but to excessive heat.
"Yesss! Another Cincinnati snow day! You wanna go to the waterpark with us?"
by Amy Jeynes September 05, 2007
Someone who comes down from a northern state, such as Michigan or Washington to a southern state, like Arizona or Florida in search of hotter weather. It makes sense really.
It's not true that they can't drive and cause accidents, I live in Arizona and see snowbirds every year, they don't cause accidents, they merely make the roads a little more busy.
It makes sense to be a snowbird.
by I'mAnonymous April 07, 2008
When a little predicted snow wrecks havoc with your day to day life and amounts to nothing but a little dusting.
The weatherman predicted a 1 inch snowfall, it was snowmageddon at the grocery store.
by Gocards January 26, 2009
a heavy violent rain storm
A torrent is about to hit Miami. An umbrella will not be enough.
by freddyflins April 16, 2009
foggy or humid weather
It's so misty outside.
by Pokelover February 24, 2010