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Refers to any remote control for any electronic device. eg Television, Video Player, DVD Player, hi-fi, etc
Dude have you see the doofer?
down the side of the couch?
by The Lundquist June 18, 2006
a day when a group of all men get together and watch basketball all day at restaurants with TVs.
Mr. Guthrie and Mr. Kahl took a man holiday last week to watch thier favorite basketball games together.
by Jeanie Marie November 01, 2007
Someone who gets off while watching "Animal Planet"
Joanne is a beastophile.. she always watches Animal Planet alone.
by Amniodarone February 14, 2008
The website that provides people with endless anime and other TV shows, that they can get for free, and at the time they want!
Veoh is a dream come true!
by wtfisupwitdat March 17, 2008
Acronym for "It's In The Script" - a quick and easy response to any query questioning something unrealistic, inconsistent or just plain stupid seen on TV or in film.
Pete: "How the hell could Jeff Goldblum upload a virus to the alien mothership using a Mac?"

John: "IITS."
by bohdave July 15, 2008
an adjective describing an experience with a cable provider that is so terrible, no other adjective will suffice.
The cable installer came late, stayed 3 hours but didn't successfully fix anything, and texted me repeatedly after he left, soliciting sex and pleading "just one night, you won't regret it or forget it." It was comcastic.
by lildebbie261 August 19, 2008
Creative, stressed, know-it-all who gets whatever they want. They usually watch way too much TV and are obsessed with fame and fortune.

Sometimes they look like lil dykes.
Kemie is intent to be on the Real World due to her obsession with TV and fame.
by Teheheheee September 29, 2009
logo -- a word commonly used to describe people who are of Lesbian Or Gay Orientation.
Ryan: Carrie, Terri and Harry are a bunch of logos.

Kiya: That's why they watch the LOGO channel on TV.

Parker: Yeah, you'd have to be a logo to watch that channel all day.
by L MoT October 24, 2010
A group of people from different households getting together to watch a TV show of their common interest. These groups would typically include working males that 'pool' a TV set to watch a cricket/baseball/rugby/etc. match while their wives are busy watching their soap operas at their homes.
Danny: Hey what time is the soccer coming at?
Leroy: 6:00 on ESPN
Danny: Hell! That's Dinah's Grey's Anatomy time....!
Leroy: Relax! I'll pool my TV in. TV Pooling at my place!!!!
Danny: You're a lifesaver, man. I'll get the beers!
by Killerdove October 05, 2011
One of the last awesome shows Nick has. Was aired in 2008, and cancelled after six episodes because Nick sucks.
I was watching Making Fiends on DVD today, then I turned on Nicktoons, and they were airing Fanboy And ChumChum.
by IDon'tFeelLikeIt. September 29, 2012

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