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Most Popular Tv Words

1. Princess Sarah's breasts.
2. Zan and Jayna, two characters from a short-lived DC comic, and a TV cartoon called the Superfriends.
I would like to pour honey and fire ants all over the Wonder Twins!
by T. J. October 30, 2003
stands for Music TV. theyre a tv channel that says they play music, but theyre just playin wack reality tv shows.
i wanted to watch some music videos, so i decided to turn on MTV, but it was just some reality crap
by xXSquiDXx September 21, 2006
The big box that poisons the mind of any living organism that sits in front of it. Symptoms of TV poisoning are:

Massive drooling
Bloodshot eyes
Lazy tounges
Slurred speach
Serial killing
The urge to buy any product advertised
Take this scenario for example:
"Honey, time for dinner"
"Budmom. Lost isgointobeonsprettysoons"
"Son, stop watching that dumb tv"
by Packies November 01, 2006
a robot that is for everyone
"Cubix, robots for everyone!"
by Anon E. Moose March 03, 2007
jack bauer's name except for as a verb meaning to injure or hurt with force or violence
Don't make me Jack Bauer your ass.
I will Jack Bauer those terrorists.
by B to the Rizzle March 03, 2007
Master of its domain: Television
Jerry Seinfeld: But are you still 'Master of your domain'?

Kramer: Yo Yo Ma!

George: I am 'King of the county'.

Elaine: I'm 'Queen of the castle'.

Jerry: 'Lord of the manor'.
by heysupnm September 03, 2008
noun. Television.
Turn on the Law & Order box, TV is on.
by TheWholeTruthHonest March 18, 2009
Awkward sex moments happen when watching a film with new friends/parents/anyone and there is a sex scene in it, one which makes everyone watching feel awkward.
TV: Why dont we go over to the bed...
Guy1: Awkward...
TV: Mmmmmm...
Guy1&Guy2: AAAAH! Total "Awkward Sex Moment".
by BrokebackValley September 05, 2009
Japanese for "extortion." Overpriced products with overpriced repairs.
Brian: It's going to cost 700 dollars to fix my Sony Vaio!
Chris: That's why they're called Sony!
by bdr5055 February 11, 2010
A late 80's early 90's TV show with a cheesy plot line and actors.

Here is a definition for each character...

Michelle: a whiny little brat that always says "what's up dude" and "i want ice cream" in a high pitched glass shattering voice.

Stephanie: a know-it-all daddy's girl that tells horrible jokes and thinks she is so funny, (when in reality, she isn't!)

D(onna) J(o): oh mylanta, what can i say about her? she wears vertical waisted mom jeans up to her ribcage and has an annoying nasley laugh.

Kimmy Gibbler: an annoying and unfashionable clown that eats all the Tanner's food and goes through their mailbox. Their own personal stalker.

Danny: a hostile clean freak that is a host on wake up san Francisco. He's very geeky and his slogan is "talk loud and carry a dustbuster".

Jesse: an obsessed Elvis wannabee that uses uses about 5 lbs of hair crap a day and gives himself daily hair pep talks and thinks he's the greatest musician alive.

Joey: a stuck-in-the-past freak who lives in the Tanner's basement with all of his stuffed animals and Mr. Woodchuck.

Rebecca Donaldson: a woman who lives in the Tanner's attic. She likes to sing "Bad Boys" with a turkey baster and does the tornado, and she looks like a walking disaster....that stole Bozo's clothes.

Nicky and Alex: little twin freaks who constantly yell and scream and pout when yelled at.

Steve: AKA the walking garbage disposal.
"what are you watching?"
"full house."
by clase de dos mil y doce March 20, 2010