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An electronic box that sits in the corner of your living room which emits moving pictures and sound when turned on. Also TV, idiot box.
"We bought a new television yesterday."
by star8706 February 02, 2003
The perfect way to keep blacks from speaking their mind on a radio station or television screen.
and example of sensorship would be sam l jackson and micheal jackson, and of course rap / hip-hop music.
by d jones August 15, 2006
Manus is the name of a pedophile, and has subsequently been used as an insult in New Zealand, including on a TV commercial discouraging drunk driving. Hence, calling someone a Manus is like calling them a pedophile.
Oi, you Manus!
Nah, you're a Manus!
by Bloopy September 06, 2006
television. When you switch on the tv, you let this spirit into your home. Mostly negative connotation, since most of the stuff on tv is garbage you don't want in your home. Like the devil, though, it is seductive.
Yo, somebody turn on the jinn, we're missing Curb Your Enthusiasm.
by El Oaxuco August 08, 2007
Someone with big/huge ears
"Graydons ears are huge!"
"Yeah SIGNAL!"
by Mike Oxhugee August 28, 2007
a cross between the brand Tivo and DVR... can be a noun or used as a verb.
"I caught that episode on the Divo"
"I am gonna divo the new episode tonight"
by Sarah Zolten February 15, 2008
a remote control
Person 1: "I hate this show can you please change the channel"

Person 2 :"I would if I could only find the pusher"
by Teka2 March 26, 2009
A sexual act involving Moose Antlers, Maple Syrup, and the Stanley Cup.
Canada's History is so depraved that you can't say it on TV
by bobrocks95 February 04, 2010

like rubbish tv/movies with AI in them, from futurama
a: "whats on the tv?"

b: "just another yarp..."
by frank_the_tank12345 May 31, 2010
Un-biased definition: A device invented in the very early 1950s that enables someone (usually a news agency or entertainment company) to broadcast information instantaneously from a tower to a receiver in the homes of the people.

Biased definition: The most common tool used by those in power to have the people waste their precious free time by sitting on a couch, not thinking a single heretical thought.
You watch eighteen hours of television a day, and then you notice that those eighteen hours you could have been spent attempting to end the injustices in the world. But it's too late for that now. Now go back and watch Glenn Beck and beat off.
by Self-important teenager August 07, 2010