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in refrence to a womens genitalia
get that pocket! got that pocket on lock down.
by jake st. vincent January 29, 2008
70 75
The sound of anal sex

You can make the noise with the spit at the back of your mouth
"What are Steve and Sarah doing they've been gone forever?

Oh you know, just a little qwchee qwchee
by Rwart January 01, 2010
28 39
The act of fucking or having sex. Also when a person is attempting to engage in sex. Can be used as noun or verb.
"Yo man, I'm trying to get my fucksies on this weekend!"
by BigNutBusta417 April 23, 2010
17 39
When a woman tightens the muscles towards the opening of her vagina to "lock" the man's penis in place.
"She totally pulled the fucklock on me."
by Sydlesk April 29, 2010
77 14
The act of ejaculating into a female's mouth, thus causing a pregnancy of the mouth.
I skeeted in yo mouth, now I have to pay child support fo yo mouth baby.
by Dayumshawty June 08, 2010
74 55
When a girl fucks alot of guys, or when a girl has sex with a guy, and it was good.
Tasha- "I toot my shit every weekend"
by Lexis aka. TiNy July 10, 2010
23 52
The hershy kiss is the creamy center of a girl. Its another word for pussy
Matt wants to touch Jen's hershy kiss
by RJM2102003 February 24, 2011
30 57
Mean, angry, violent sex. This can take the form of dominatrix. However, it most commonly involves the use of handcuffs, various positions, and several painful, but sexual, acts.
After breaking up with my girlfriend, I met up with some girl for tyrannosaurus sex.
by MrChocolateShakes March 01, 2011
63 22
National Orgasm Day.
Everyone have sex on this day
Hey bro , my girl and i are having sex today its national orgasm day its august 8th
by tinachick July 06, 2011
120 24
Face it, the only reason that you're looking up sex right now is so that you can get horny from people's definitions.
Bro, I just looked up sex on urban dictionary. It was so much better than porn.
by sex:) July 19, 2012
145 39

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