Most Popular Sex Words

Sticking you fingers into a girls vagina
I was at Kevins and he started fingering me. one thing led to another, and we had sex! can you believe it?
by Stinadoodle February 24, 2008
the point in a sexual relationship were they fear of children is strong that sex is strictly anal the butt taking the place of the vagina creating buttgina
we did it all night, right in the buttgina
by kazzle azzle October 28, 2008
Coitus between a male and female when the female is still wearing her panties, and they must be pulled aside for the man's penis to penetrate the vagina.
"Meet me in the back of the library, I'm gonna smash your panties" or "Man, you wouldn't believe it, but I smashed that chick's panties last night" or "I want to fuck you right now bitch. Don't worry about taking your panties off, I'm going to smash them"
by rockin713b November 01, 2008
To have sex with a friends mom
Hey Spencer I waggoed your mom all night long.
by ParkerG January 15, 2009
1.A feeling of self-assurance in one's manhood be it size, shape, etc.
2.Knowing one has the ability to satisfy their partners sexual needs above and beyond any other sexual partner; that the individual may or may not have had yet.
3.Knowing you can use your tool to its maximum potential
My dick confidence is all I need to keep my bitch in line.
by SAFFARI February 27, 2009
The act of Shoveing a penis into a female vagina until one reaches pleasure.
After a long night of partying I went home piss drunk. As soon as i got home i took my clothes of and headed for my room. Before i got into bed i found a sweet surprise. two girls i met at the party were waiting for me on my bed, naked, and begging me to join them. I couldnt resist. I jumped in and started humping the blonde one ferociously. after a while i turned around and did the brunette. Their hairless pussys allowed me to slide my dick flawlessly in and out. The blonde started licking my balls, and i was having so much pleasure. They both jumped on my chest and i was eating pussy. They were so wet by the time i was through with them. it was the best sex i had ever had.
by xxJoeyxx March 23, 2009
The act of repeatedly hitting the top of the vaginal canal with your big dick.
Person 1: So did you fuck your new girlfriend last night?

Person 2: Dude, her pussy was so tight and my dick is so big I was tapping guts!
by The_Fat_Man197 September 12, 2009
The thing that will at some point take over a straight man's (or lesbian woman's. Depends how you roll) life.
Man 1: Remember when we were little and played games and stuff?
Man 2: Yea, that was great.
Man 1: Yea...what the hell happened?
Man 2: We discovered vagina.
by alex says 97 July 19, 2010
immense pleasure; when a man sticks his penis into a woman's vagina
I walked out of the locker room after my soccer game. I was the last to leave because I didn't take the bus and drove home. As I left, I was surprised to meet my boyfriend, Jake, after his soccer game. "Not riding the bus?" "Nah, I'm walking home" Not letting him walk home in the rain, I told him to come with me. As I sat in the driver's seat turning on the ignition, Jake put his hand on my thigh. We leaned close together and began to kiss. We frenched and our tongues explored each other's mouths.
Knowing what was going to happen next, we climbed into the back and quickly undressed. He gave me a devilish smirk and pulled a condom out of his bag. I told him to wait and grabbed his 8-inch cock with both hands, feeling it harden up. He began to moan my name 'Kayla, oh baby, yeah'. We layed on the back seat and he slipped the condom on. He continued to french and he massaged my boobs, and soon stopped kissing to suck on the tits.

Finally, Jake slid his dick into my vagina. I moaned and he repeatedly thrust it in. He moved faster and pushed more in. 'Jake, get more in, I know you can!' He listened and had almost his whole cock in. It felt so good. We eventually stopped and quickly redressed. I drove him home and he promised me more later. I came home late, and told my mom I got stuck in traffic and told her I give a friend a ride, when I really rode a friend. Amazing sex ;)
by Sex-ay Slut November 13, 2011

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