Most Popular Sex Words

1. A phrase to describe your penis after having sex.
Steve: "Hey Dylan, how was your date with Brenda last night?"
Dylan: "It was awesome, I went home with a stinky mushroom!" Can also be reversed, as in "Dude, I got my mushroom stinky last night!"
by DinkleDonkle November 05, 2007
The first time a female recieves anal penetration.
Travis: So I heard you and your girl got freaky last night.
Jon: Ya I dirty popped her cherry.
by Caito February 27, 2008
The amount of Sexy you have
Allison, the amount of sexiness you have is 11 on our 1-10 sexiness chart.
by Ryan B. (Apple Oinker) August 11, 2008
Having Sexual Intercourse or getting some pootang!
Roy Boy is really happy, he did dairy dell with Diane.
by Robby Bob FL September 14, 2008
when you pass out while your member is still inside of the female
dude, last night i was so hammered i accidentally ton ton-ed this chick
by moesofe February 11, 2009
opportunity to fuck
"Dude i was talking to this girl and she totally gave me an OTF!"
by cntfindme123 June 06, 2009
Sibak is a Filipino word which literally means chop, hack or slice. It is also an idiomatic expression used by Doj Roxas to denote the forceful thrusting of the penis into the vagina or to put it simply, a hard fuck.
“I don’t want any commitments, sibak lang!”
by graphic design bandit June 16, 2009
Halfturbating is the process of gettin yourself all worked up so that later on you can shoot one huge ass load!
Carl: I'm gonna go fuck this chick tonight.
Ed: You gonna halfturbate before hand?
Carl: Hell yeah!
by D-Li Llama February 10, 2010
When a male is feeling horny he find a hole which is likely to be a pussy (girls sex hole) or the anus (where also used to shit). He then insert the penis into one of these holes and move it in and out first starting slow and gradually increasing speed as more stimulation is required to keep the sexual excitement until it reaches a point where he has to decide from a few options to release white sticky fluid which often shoots out about 9 shots however there are very few people who only dribble 1-3 shots which could indicate a problem.

1. quickly remove the penis and choose some where to cum such as mouth, face ass and many more
2. if the fucking is feeling good continues to move the penis in and out at a rapid rate until you cum inside the hole which could risk having a baby however since it feels very good it is worth the risk.

after the cumshot if the penis continues to be rapidly stimulated it can hurt
14 year old boy fucking a 20 year old girl until the boy accidentally cum inside the girl giving a creampie as get up from his dick his mum walks in watching semen dripping from the hole. He was then grounded until he was 18
by extreme horny boy February 22, 2010
It is another word for sex or intercourse, made popular by dancehall artist Mavado
gyal come here for the tumping
by tump di gyal dem May 22, 2011

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