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Most Popular Sex Words

When You Stroke A Man's Penis Up And Down So He Cums
You Know You Are Doing Good When He Begins To Moan And Groan
And When He Cums He Will Really Think You Are A Hot Bitch If You Lick The Cum Off He Big Fuckin' Penis
While I Gave Danny A Hand Job
He Got SOOO Excited That We Went For The Real Deal!!
So He Rolled Over Pined Me Down And We Had The Best Sex Ever!!
by Sexy Hot Bitch June 14, 2006
A specific sexual act where the man has rough anal sex with either another male or a female, and right as he is about to ejaculate, he pulls his penis out of the anal cavity and allows himself to cum on the outside of his partner's butt hole. He then places his face right in front of the butt hole and his partner farts- causing an explosion of semen in the man's face. The man then has the decision to either injest his own cum or clean it off.
Shawn was having butt sex with M. Shadows but M. Shadows did not want Shawn to ejaculate within his small intestine so M. Shadows proposed that they engage in performing the european steamboat. After a quick explanation, Shawn was incredibly excited to perform this act.
by Jeremy19 August 04, 2007
Having unemotionally sex with someone purely for the chloric (weight) benefits.
The best way to lose weight is to find someone hot and have sport sex. I lose 10lbs having sport sex, better than slim fast!
by JTDawg January 09, 2008
When you are doing a girl in the pussy and you are about to jizz, you jizz then get the hell out of there and she will never know what hit her.
Dude, I was totally doing this hot ass blonde last night. She had the tightest pussy and said she didn't want to get pregnant and I didn't want any trouble so i pulled a Jizz 'N' Run!
by Jacob/Gaurav March 16, 2008
thing that makes babies.

any baby born is the result of having sex.
billy: i had sex
jane: i had a baby
by baby maker pro April 29, 2008
the exact moment at which two people realize they're about to get laid.
"remember the mack moment in "titanic", man?"

"yeah man, that was epic. hey, got any weed fondue?"
by kwacky January 07, 2009
The native word for being fucked
poonch, poonched
native 1: eh there boy i poonched that chick last
native 2: whatttt weenuk...
by nativeboyjames January 14, 2009
where a girl and a guy fuck each other
usually a guy puts his penis in a girls vagina
there are other variations of it too
Scut Gaga: have sex with me girl!!
Melisa Warmer:hell no, your dick is microscopic dude!
by Big D wit Uzi March 05, 2009
a tasty treat
my vagina smells like sugarcane but taste like flowers
by i love vag May 27, 2009
The box a penis comes in.
Cunt...The box a penis comes in.
by D.P.E December 14, 2009