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Most Popular Military Words

A military term used to describe how combat engineers deal with an improvised explosive device; rather than risk injury or destruction to surrounding property, they will wire explosives to it and detonate it where it was placed/buried, or 'blow it in place.' Also, used to describe what will happen to someone if they keep fucking up.
"Shit! I pissed away millions of my investor's money, now the government is going to have to bail my firm out."

"Dude, when the news finds out, you're gonna be blown in place."
by Tom Bosch September 23, 2008
Military term for "Situation Normal All FUCKED Up" or "Situation Normal All FOULED Up".
Man! By that way thing are going today, it's a total SNAFU type of day!
by bigg3469 March 21, 2009
no conclusion has been reached
As far as that project goes the jury is still out.
by The Return of Light Joker August 17, 2009
An Infantry soldier who goes from house to house kicking down doors and storming entrances
Major League Doorkickers
by InfantrySoldier666 December 09, 2009
The Navy's equivalent of infantry, Marines specializes in amphibious warfare, rapid deployment and small squad tactics. In the United States Marines are noted for their intensive training, markmanship with the rilfe and undying fighting spirit. Under the mantra " Every Marine is a rifleman" all marines are held to the same combat standards regardless of specialization. From cooks to pilots every Marine is a highly trained infantryman capable of fighting in any environment, at any moment. This fact is proven time and time again when Marines defeat much larger and better equipped enemy forces. No other branch has achieved such feats, especially not the Army, who chose to hate on Marines rather than win battles. Maybe if all the soldiers who talk shit about Marines actually trained, rather than run their stupid mouth, they could win without the help of you know who. Then again if they were not shit talkers they would not be Army. Marines do, Army talks.
The Marine sniper achieved his objectives, allowing the 101st to take the city.

The Marine broke the arm of the soldier using his MCMAP training.
by Sturm gewehr May 30, 2010
SCAT is an acronym for Special Combat Assault Team. The Unit comes out of the ASS (Amphibious Support Ship) and into the MOUTH (Mobile Operational Utility Tactical Helocopter) to complete it's mission.
Those Rag Heads will know SCAT soon enough, and they'll be sorry.
by Fleet Marine Force Doc January 12, 2011
Someone who waxes philosophical about being Patriotic but would never actually join the Military and put their ass on the line for anything. To the Fair Weather Patriot simply voting and paying taxes is enough.
Fair Weather Patriot: (Singing Lee Greenwood) "And I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today!"

Military Guy: (Interrupting) "Hey man you know we've been at war for like ten years now right? Why haven't you stood up next to me and defended her still today like the song says?"

Fair Weather Patriot: "I do my part -- I vote and pay my taxes."
by Not A Fair Weather Patriot May 02, 2011
In reference to the U.S. Army: A branch of the U.S. military that specializes in ground combat involving infantry and armor units, though does use marine vessels and various air-crafts. They also employ airborne troopers such as the 75th Rangers. Enlistment offers many benefits such as the G.I. Bill, various opportunities to learn important skills for careers, a sense of patriotic pride, etc. Despite the many disputes concerning which branch of the U.S. military is "better", one must realize that all branches are cogs in a machine, and without one, the others could function to their full potential... Except for the National Guard, fuck those pussies.
Me: So I've finally enlisted in the Army.

Friend A: Nice! I just joined the Air Force, so if you need a strafing run, just call.

Friend B: I got accepted into the Naval Academy.

Me: Damn man, good job. Now then, if only we had a friend in the Marine Corps. We would have every branch covered.

Friend A: What about the National Guard?

Me: What about those pussies?

All start laughing.
by Future Army Calv Scout June 27, 2011
Someone who is a student and a soldier in the same time, like a student in a military institute, sold from soldier + ent from student.
"I was a soldent in the Navy Institute from 1997 till 2000."
by geekos November 13, 2011
A derogatory name for the military haircut know as the "high and Tight". Since the haircut is very conservative it makes the wearer look like a complete turd, hence the name turd cap.
Did you see Private Barton, he just got his turd cap touched up. I guess they forgot tell him they have the technology to fad your hair these days.
by Explodie January 23, 2012