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Acronym for “Forward Operation Base,” or the various US military bases spread out through Iraq and Afghanistan.
My buddy spent most of the time he was deployed at FOB Warhorse in Baqouba, Iraq.
by Anonymous January 16, 2006
The latest recruiting catch phrase. Replacing "Be All That You Can Be (In The Army)". Seems like a strange way to describe the new kinder, gentler Army. An Army Of One, "One" is an acronym: O=Officers N=NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) E=Enlisted.
No example needed. Army Of One, Hooah!
by Spc Gray March 20, 2006
a member of the air force.

also anyone in the air force rank E1 (Airman Basic) E2 (Airman) E3 (Airman First Class) or E4 (Senior Airman)
All airmen are supposed to be riflemen, but most dont know a gun from an asshole

"I heard Sergeant Jones got busted for DWI at the gate. did he get kicked out?"
"No. they just dropped him down to Airman."
by Clark1985 on myspace September 03, 2006
Though this might surprise you Army Football is one of the most storied franchises in college football. During the 1940's turnouts at Notre Dame / Army football games in New York city were over 100,000 at the old polo grounds. They are the owners of a number of undefeated seasons and two national championships. They have produced three Heisman trophy winners. Vince Lombardi was an assistant coach at Army. Army's current coach is Bobby Ross, who took the San Diego Chargers to the Super Bowl. Notre Dame's Rockne Gymnasium has the Army Academy crest inscribed on the side as a sign of their respect for their war time service.

Army's traditional rival is Navy, whose nationally televised game is normally shown on whatever weekend the more popular teams don't happen to be playing (typically early Dec). Its a decent draw, normally played in Giants Stadium, JFK in philadelphia, or one year head scratchingly in the Rose Bowl

Modern recruiting and the requirement of a service obligation after graduation has now unfortunately reduced Army Football to a laughingstock of the CFL. (Which some recent bright spots... close losses to Alabama and Auburn in bowl games) At one point they set a record of losses in college football by going 0-13.

Have to give some credit to Army Football guys though cause they have to attend class, have to take their own tests, and have to do all the crummy stuff the other academy guys do.

I don't know how in the heck Navy football pulls off these good teams lately and good for them! But Navy seems to get the media breaks. They get Top Gun, Army gets Blackhawk down. They get Navy Seals and Army gets an ESPN movie about the Army Football cheating scandal!

Contrary to what you might have seen on MASH, nobody in the real Navy or Army give a crap about the Army / Navy game unless they are former players. Days off are given for the Super Bowl in the Army, not the Army/Navy game... what does that tell you.
Army Football sure has stunk for a long time but lets face it, they should be in the Patriot league Division 1AA.

"I need a man for a tough and dangerous mission, I want a West Point Football Player" -- Some famous WW2 general (caveat- he was an alum)

Props to Texas A&M, Notre Dame, The Citadel, Norwich, Air Force, and VMI for their fine record of military service in our nation's wars
by snausages333 October 21, 2006
Used in the military to identify visible enemies.

See also: Tango
Multiple contacts ahead, proceed with caution.
by Jonnybear April 02, 2007
1. (noun) a distant and undesired location; 2. (used in phrase) to send someone or something downrange: to get rid of, to ostracize someone, to sever a social relationship with someone, to eliminate, to discharge, to physically remove someone or something 3. (root meaning) a location beyond a firing line on a military small arms or artillery range which is both within the legitimate azimuth of fire and designated impact area.
1. My girlfriend was crazy. I had to send her downrange yesterday.
2. That broken printer had been sitting on my desk for over a month. I had to send it downrange.
by Johnny Redleg June 12, 2007
Slang term for Icelander, especially a rural one--popular term among US military personnel stationed in Iceland during WWII. Origin unknown.
That Mojack insisted vehemently that his cow was sick because of being sexually assaulted by our soldiers, but after our camp veterinarian diagnosed and treated her for a common bovine ailment, she made a full recovery; then the Mojack gave us some cheese to make amends.
by hyjyljyj October 11, 2007
An Air Force slut. Particularly used by personnel from other branches of the US armed forces for a female airman who has sex with a lot of people from other branches of the armed forces.
SSgt Slatternly did a train of 15 Marines last weekend!

What a fuckin' air mattress!
by ex-phase-shark December 03, 2007
Someone who has never been part of the armed forces and is therefore ignorant of what the right thing to do is when under dangerous conditions.
Civilians run away and/or start screaming
All non-civilians go for nearest cover and assess situation (enemy direction, escape routes, usable weapons, enemy armament and their chances of taking down the target)
by xfire January 22, 2008
a tablet of dextroamphetamine, a stimulant drug (from Dexedrine, the brand under which it was marketed)
Dexies have a high potential for abuse. (example of dexie)
by The Return of Light Joker November 22, 2010

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