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Most Popular Military Words

Military organization whose Garry Owen Battalion had to save Marines' asses in Iraq.
Marines believed too much into their own myth, got in trouble, and the Army artillery had to pull them out of trouble
by R.I.P. March 11, 2006
A US Navy tradition that occurs when a ship crosses the equator. Any sailor or Marine who's first time passing the equator is subjected to a hazing ritual called "Shellbacking."
When I sailed with the 15th MEU out of Camp Pendleton I got Shellbacked.
by Matt_usmc August 21, 2006
The Air Force's mission is to fly, fight, and win, and have been doing so since 1947. While only 4% of the Air Force are piolots, it takes a lot more people than you'd think to get those planes off the ground.

An equal force in the DoD. Given the chance Air Force personel could and are playing an effective role on the frontline, having assumed the responsibility of convoy guards.

The branch with the best food, living conditions, education, post-military opportunities, and women.
The Air Force spend almost 100 times more money on education of it's troops that the Marines, Army, and Navy put together.

by Flying Tiger July 13, 2007
1. A member of a nation's armed forces.

2. In the U.S. military, the term "soldier" specifically refers to Army personnel.

3. Within the U.S. Army, the term "soldier" is often used to describe the enlisted personnel separate of the officers.
1. Soldiers fight for their country.

2. The Navy has Sailors, the Air Force has Airmen, the Marine Corp has Marines, and the Army has Soldiers.

3. It is important for officers to remain friendly, but detached, from their soldiers.
by EMeythaler July 31, 2008
"Civilian" a term used by members of the military.
"You don't have that authority."
"I do because I outrank you, civy."
by StonedSharpie September 19, 2009
Military from WWII: Strong, Tough and Ready Around the Clock. Still in use.
"He's one STRAC soldier!"
by RayJay55 January 27, 2010
metal identification tags worn around the neck in the millitary
I forgot that I still had my dog tags on when I got in the shower.
by The Return of Light Joker May 22, 2010
A branch of the military that, judging by most of these definitions, apparently feels very threatened by the Marine Corps.
I didn't have the balls to join the Marines so I went army instead, and I'll spend the next 4 years of my life trying to convince people that the army is better.
by LaRhue April 24, 2011
Sick in Quarters. The military's acronym for being sick enough to be ordered to stay in one's room until no longer sick.
Marine 1: Hey where's SSgt?
Marine 2: SIQ, Doc says he has bronchitis.
Marine 1: Asshole's going to be playing world of warcraft for the next three days.
by SemperFly July 26, 2011
This Shit Aint Free.
Bro, TSAF.
by HideFromMars September 27, 2011