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The most awesome hangar of them all. It is a tall fortress that uses the strongest steel thats impossible to break.

Banks are computer run and rule the world. Our telescopes let us see the stars.

Theres a possibility I know too much about Hangar 18. I do know too much.

Our inventory contains cryogenically frozen foreign lifeforms in a suspended state.

The story is that you choose what you forget. I believed this would be foretold but who would of thought?

Combining military and intelligence does not make sense.
Possibly I’ve seen to much
Hangar 18 I know too much
by Arm November 19, 2004
207 61
I love how the pictures completely didn't match up with the definition..
Anyhow, a paratrooper is someone who jumps out of airplanes (with a parachute) for the purpose of performing a military action on the ground. Normally used for behind enemy lines or hard to reach areas.
My uncle was a paratrooper in the army, he was in a lot more planes taking off than he was landing.
by Brian Marx September 23, 2005
134 38
Night Stalkers Don't Quit!

The Motto of the Nightstalkers ( Men of the 160th S.O.A.R ).
Some of the most elite Helicopter pilots in the world.
Michael Durant wrote nsdq his letters during his captivity
by XBlood January 04, 2006
126 22
Any child that grew up with a parent or guaridan in the Army. Moves a lot, has had a military I.D. since age 10, lived on a military base or near a military base their entire life. It kind of sucks and is kind of cool at the same time. Army brats are normally very outgoing, since they have to make all new friends everytime they move.
Kid one-"Jim lived in 14 places since he was born, and went to 11 schools."
Kid two-"Yea, he's an Army Brat."
by IanDW February 18, 2006
195 45
The United States Marine Corps is part of the Navy, in response to the guy that said that the Navy no longer has ground forces.
The Navy transports the Marines because the Marines are part of the Navy.
by kabighter June 08, 2006
273 118
A person with a large collection and knowledge about expensive, rare and authentic tactical/military gear.
If you need something, ask Mike, he's a complete geardo.
by Mike "LoneWolf" December 12, 2006
133 27
Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. A program, focused on the U.S. Navy, that helps students become better citizens and give them knowledge about the government and world. People commonly mistake cadets as "losers" or "nazis" but in reality it is a fun program that does NOT force and/or encourage you to join the military. Some kids in the program end up joining the military but it is not a recruiting program. NJROTC is like a family where all cadets stick together. It allows students to gain higher ranks in the program and gives them power over each other like in the military. It builds you physically, emotionally, and mentally.
CO: Alright Cadets let's do some drill!
Cadets: Yes Sir!

Nick: What are they doing?
Jane: Practicing NJROTC duh!
by Cadet Nerd September 26, 2007
115 41
(UK) Member of the British Royal Marine Commandos.
(USA) Member of the US Army Special Forces.

"Green Beret" is the nicknames, because of their headgear. Which is a green beret, though this is moreso on the US Special Forces, than the Royal Marines.

Don't mess with either of those fucking elites though. The green berets = 10 seconds from pwnage (if you're a terrorist)
Yank: I was in the green berets, dude.
Brit: I was a green beret, mate.
by VirginityTaker69 March 01, 2008
123 26
A nickname for the U.S. Marines
let's go devil dogs
by reconmarine February 18, 2009
137 16
This is usually a white female who joins the army without much education and is usually unattractive. When joining the serivce she knows she will be able to fuck alot of men way more good looking then herself because of the lack of females in the military. Men who would in civilian world NEVER take a 2nd look at her.
She likes to target married soilders, to try to validate her self worth, she also like to go after her NCO to get rank faster. Not because she is a good soilder but becasue she is sleeping with her NCO.
You can also refer to this type of women as a "Renee Jones"
So we got a new "army whore" in our unit she is already sleeping with the 1st sgt, she is such a "Renee Jones"
by crystal smith NY February 18, 2009
273 117

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