Most Popular Insults Words

An Insult With no apperant Meaning.
You cettfer, Shut up cettfer, You gay cettfer!
by JKSSW October 10, 2007
an unusual person; someone who acts in a ridiculous way; someone who dumbly thinks other people care about what they are saying.
I can't believe JR just said that; he is such a MANNIE.
by stdoubleop December 31, 2007
is a a wat to call people dicks without saying dicks, and just better word for the insult.
yo those kids are being dickems, kids very (dickish)
by trevor ballinger January 31, 2008
A Mite is a Small stick figure like enemy in Super Smash Bros. brawl. They punch, dropkick, punch, and best of all dance. Mite can also be used as an insult, making fun of someone would prove most effective.
Your such a Mite.
Quit Miting around.
Go mite off somewhere else, freak.
by <STFU> March 15, 2008
a group of gay men who hang out at law courts and fight one another to the death. Originated in South Australia.
Gary's on trial today, I hope he stays clear of those courties. They always cause a spot of bother
by Jobiden March 24, 2009
slagging off two or more people out of earshot in one breath
Multislagging: see her over there call the fashion police
and him with her where's the guide dog look at that fat bastard what a cunt!
by Dal's Heid April 04, 2009
Abbreviation of I Fuck Your Mom Long Time
"Oh yeah? IFYMLT"
by randomboog March 25, 2010
An insult meaning willy or a basic name for a willy.
1- you're such a willter
2- hey my willter is bigger than yours
by agirl42 September 28, 2010
A top tier insult or adjective used only by people with extreme intellect, to indicate displeasure or an unfavorable situation.
Example 1: "Goddamit! Why does everyone on this freeway drive like a Fizzbitch?"

Example 2: "You know what Kelly, you're a real Fizzbitch sometimes."
by JOLEEZY January 11, 2013
n. It's like a compliment, but not. But it's also not an insult.
3 examples of a mediocrement:

"Hey, you're not the grossest person I've ever met!"
"Well, you didn't miss ALL the pins on your last bowl."
"Here, have a participation trophy."
by spartacusrc3 June 06, 2013

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